Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Stitchin' Time

Introducing the Amish-Style Covered Dish Carrier....Great for pot lucks, picnics and more!
Debra Tyler told us to come in and set up our sewing machines, if we hadn't brought one with us to use one of the Motherhouse collection.

After that we chose our fabric for the project.
We used a pattern that Debra had made for us and cut and tore our fabric into the right size pieces.
After we had our fabric ready we got down to the deadly serious business of getting bobbins wound and machines up and running. And started stitching.
For the bottom of the carrier we used a piece of plywood that slid into a pocket made by the over-lapping strips of fabric. For the handles we used dowels that also could be removed so the whole thing could be thrown in the wash.


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A Stitchin' Time

Four happy stitchers with their almost!-finished covered-dish carriers.