Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wreath-Visiting Bailing Twine Wreaths

 Making wreaths out of reused bailing twine is both challenging and rewarding.
Although I don't have written directions... here are some hints:
*cut twine at the knots as you feed out hay - this makes it easy to pull individual pieces from a bundle and creates a nice starting place for the braid
*count out three equal bundles of twine and wrap one piece of the bundled twine around the bunch just below the knots
*put all three together and similarly, wrap them tightly together with one piece, & tie so the end dangles inside the bundle.
*bend a wire coat hanger in a circle with pliers and the hook down to make a ring for hanging up the finished wreath
*lay the bundled knots on the wire coat hanger circle, directly across from the hanging ring.
*braid around the circle, incorporating the hanging ring when you come to it.
*when you get all the way around, wrap one of the end pieces of twine around the bunch of knots and the other end pieces so they hang together.
*I like to trim the hanging end pieces so they are the same length.
*check the photos in these blog posts for more ideas: 
* you just have to fiddle with it until it looks right to you.