Monday, January 14, 2013

Soap Making: A Slippery Slope

 On a foggy January 11, one dozen bubbly personalities gathered to wash and participate in making sudsational soap
We made
Politically-Correct Milk and Honey Soap made with Vegetable Oil
Biologically Better Soap made with Lard
We went outside to mix lye into water for the lard soap and lye into milk for milk soap
Mixing the milk and lye mix into the oil requires stirring two pots at once and using a blender.
Mixing the water and lye mix into melted lard requires only one spoon.
 Preparing molds by coating with mineral oil or...
 freezer paper, so the soap won't stick to the molds.

Pouring soap into molds... 
24-36 hours later, the soaps were ready to come out of the molds.

We cut the tape off the mold bottom and
 pushed the soap out with a closet pole.
Then we sliced the soap into rounds and
laid them on a plastic bread tray to cure for 6 weeks.

Alicia North Demonstrated Glycerine Soap
 For glycerine soap, cut base in small chunks and...

  Melt in microwave or double boiler and stir in color, essential oils, texture.

 Pour into molds and cool.

  Soap is ready to use as soon as it is cool.